Monday, April 23, 2007

The Cult of Efficiency and Saving Our Families

I finally posted the third part of Howard King's exploration of the themes raised in Ralph Borsodi's This Ugly Civilization.

In this third installment, The Efficiency Invasion: How Industrialism Destroyed the Traditional Family, King looks at the effect the cult of efficiency, which was born and honed in the factories, had when it was transferred to other institutions, especially the family.

Turns out I never read this article back when I had first discovered Howard King's writings. Perhaps it was longer than I could quickly digest. But I tell you, I think everyone needs to read this one. Agrarians will find great encouragement concerning the road they are travelling, and others will hopefully have their eyes opened as to the great danger their families are in.

It will take me a while to fully digest and inculcate the suggestions King ends the article with as he addresses "Saving the Family". I would be interested in hearing how others are putting some of these principles into practice in their own families.



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