Friday, February 23, 2007


Welcome to "An Emergent Agrarian" - one man's journey from Corporate to Agrarian for Faith and Family.

In the months ahead I hope to share with you different chapters in my journey - a journey that is still in progress - and in so doing I hope to clarify my thinking, receive encouragement from others, and in turn encourage those who may be feeling trapped in their corporate world, wistfully looking out their office windows, wishing they could join their agrarian brothers.

Perhaps I may bring another perspective to the corpus of agrarian literature, for I am not the son of an agrarian or even the grandson of an agrarian. I am a software programmer, son of a corporate vice-president, grandson of a company president.

For me, embracing agrarianism is not a journey back to the warm memories of childhood on the family farm. For me it is more like a terrifying leap into an unknown future... and yet, at the same time, there is the sense of finally coming home. That's why I refer to myself as an emergent agrarian.

This may be the year, everything seems to be coming together. This may be the year I move my wife and two boys (14 and 11) to land in western PA where we can build a family-friendly, diversified, pasture-based farm.

May it be, Lord.