Monday, March 12, 2007

Death of a Farm

Stone Farmhouse

We have a good friend who knows of our agrarian desires and is often passing along relevant articles and telling us about local farms for sale. Yesterday, he inadvertently told us about a farm whose days are numbered. After church, we took a detour just to drive by.

This 28 acre farm is surrounded by housing developments, the latest are full of those "luxury" homes. My boys were excited about the idea of our "saving" this farm from development. All the surrounding developments would be ideal potential customers! And so, on a whim I downloaded their information packet and I quickly found out that I was totally out of my league.

Everyone who submits a bid in this sealed bid auction is to enclose a certified or cashiers check for $100,000 which is considered to be "earnest" money (which is usually around 10% or so). This auction is definitely designed for high-end developers, farmers need not apply.

I wish I could wax eloquently about the death of this family farm that has been in the farmer's family for generations (the road it is on is the same name as the owners), but I can't. I just know that it's sad.


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